Squirrel exterminator

Squirrels are most founded pests around lawns, trees, bushes and around wooded areas. They are famous for grabbing acorns and nuts and hiding them in the ground as well as running up trees and across electrical wires, rooftops and other areas. Generally, squirrels are not considered a big or serious threat to properties. But they are in living in the shape of the big population around your walls or attics, then they can become a destructive nuisance and may require contacting a squirrel exterminator. Squirrels live in the trees and build their nests to give birth, save their food and raise their young. They build their nests from leaves and debris. They constantly come up and down in search of food, and they also store food for the winter season.

Squirrel damages

Generally, squirrels are not considered damage, and they don’t pose any danger, there are a few damages attached with squirrels, and their details are given below.

Home damage - In their attempt to find warm places to nest and hide food, squirrels will pry up damaged roof tiles, gnaw their way into the siding to get between walls and will get into attics and basements to build nests. This can create damage to homes and other structures if left unchecked.

Fire hazards - squirrels will also chew on various items. Like rats and mice, they will chew on wires and cables and this action can leave wires exposed. This wire exposure can be a serious fire hazard.

Biting and noise - One of the first signs of squirrels in the walls or inside your home is the sound you might hear of scampering feet between walls or in the attic. Plus, if you try to corner a squirrel, capture a squirrel or handle a squirrel, it is more likely to bite in order to get away.

Digging up lawns - Squirrels hide their food, and they do so in trees and spaces and holes already in existence. But, they will also find a spot they like and dig up holes all over lawns, gardens, and other vegetation to hide acorns and other food.

Tree destruction - Some species of squirrels also strip the bark off of trees and ornamental plants.

How to get rid of squirrels

Traps: You can set a trap by placing peanut butter in it, and leave it alone for a few hours, place it near the suspected areas.

Repellents: Using Bobbex-R Animal Repellent repels Squirrels and other small animals (chipmunks, groundhogs, and voles). It repels them by taste and smell aversion. It is made of natural ingredients and benefits plants as well. It comes in a ready-to-use formula and concentrated formula.

Take help from specialists: Wildlife specialists know how to deal with squirrels. You can get help from wildlife specialist companies to get rid of squirrels. They use modern devices and effective control ways to deal with squirrels and make your property free from squirrels.

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